The Lahti Greens

For the good of the citizens and the environment

The purpose of a city is to offer basic services to its citizens: kindergartens, schools, health centres, elderly care. As well as this such things as parks, theatres, libraries and sporting facilities are needed in a city. The city administration has to ensure that reasonably priced public transport is available to citizens. Land planning has to be decided on the terms of people, not enterprises. Other matters that are important to city dwellers are to be able to participate in decision making on matters concerning them, local democracy and multiculturalism. Come along and get involved!

Municipal Elections 2017

There will be municipal elections held in spring 2017 and the nominating of candidates has already begun. Now is a good time to consider becoming a candidate yourself, or maybe there is someone you know and think that they would be good at representing our common views. It is easy to propose a candidate and it can be done handily via this link!

The Lahti Greens Committee 2017

Riina Puusaari, chairperson, responsible for membership – 044 575 0631

Sami Metsäranta, vice chairperson – 040 596 4459

Eeva Rautamäki, treasurer – 040 570 2700

Salla Palmi­Felin, secretary

Teemu Häyrinen, public relations – 044 9509219

Leena Toikkanen

Ritva Jussila

Nelli Nevala – 0400 648730

Lasse Reijomaa – 050 5862954


Join the party!

You can become a member via this link. The Greens do not receive funds for their activities from companies of other interest groups, therefore every membership fee paid is important to us. The membership fee is 30 euros (12.50 euros for those with a low income). For that sum you get membership of the Lahti Greens and the Greens of Finland. In addition you get the newspaper Vihreä Lanka delivered to your home every month, and if you wish you can get put on the mailing lists and forums of the Greens.


You can also support the activities of Lahti Greens by donating money via this link. We are

grateful for your support.